Storage Batteries to Be Reused at Mega Solar Plant for Output Control

2019/05/30 17:18
Sousuke Kudou, technical writer
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NExT-e Solutions Inc (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo), Kyuden Mirai Energy Co Inc (Fukuoka City) and Kyushu Electric Power Co Inc announced May 27, 2019, that they will conduct a verification test of reusing the lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries of electric forklifts for a large-scale stationary power storage system.

NExT-e is a venture company that was spun off from the University of Tokyo and develops technologies to control storage batteries for electric vehicles (EVs).

In the verification test, battery packs (capacity: about 30kWh each) developed by NExT-e will be mounted on electric forklifts operating at Toyota Motor Kyushu Inc's Miyata Plant and used for about a year in cooperation with Toyota Motor Kyushu.

After that, the three companies plan to reuse up to 140 battery packs to establish a large-scale stationary power storage system with an output of 1MW and a capacity of 4MWh.

The power storage system will be installed at "Omuta Power Plant," which is owned by Kyuden Mirai Energy, and used for output control.

The three companies are considering (1) using recycled batteries in the future market for supply-demand adjustment and (2) providing new businesses and services of, for example, stabilizing power grids. They will check the performance and cost of reused storage batteries, aiming to establish a low-priced storage battery system capable of effectively using resources.

The verification test will begin within fiscal 2019, and the test period is scheduled to be two years. NExT-e applied for the Phase D (large-scale verification research and development) of "Technology Research and Development Project for Discovering/commercializing Seeds Such as New Energy" of New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), and its plan was adopted (EV Batteries Reused to Stabilize Solar Plant Output).