Japanese Firm to Start Biomass Power Generation in Indonesia

2019/06/17 15:58
Sousuke Kudou, technical writer
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A rendered image of the biomass power generation facilities (source: AGE)

Aura-Green Energy Co Ltd (AGE, Aomori City), a renewable energy-based power producer, announced Jan 30, 2019, that it will build biomass power generation facilities in Aceh Province (Sumatra) of Indonesia by forming a consortium with companies affiliated with the Indonesian government and local companies.

As fuel, empty fruit bunches (EFBs, residue of oil palm) will be used. They will be provided from a palm oil factory located adjacent to the biomass power generation facilities by using belt conveyors. AGE will start a power generation business after concluding a contract for stably receiving EFBs for 20 years.