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  • Nikkei to publish 2 Japan REIT indexes to meet investor interest 06.30.2020

    Nikkei Inc. will start calculating and publishing two new Japan REIT indexes on July 20. The "Nikkei ESG-REIT Index" will incorporate ESG factors on broad J-REIT performances, while the "Nikkei High Yield REIT Index" will comprise of higher-yield J-REITs.>>

  • Japan to groom national parks as destinations for 'workcations' 06.30.2020

    Japan will begin to promote "workcations" -- working in vacation-like settings -- in 34 national parks and 80 hot spring resorts across the nation in response to increased remote work and decreased tourism due to the new coronavirus pandemic.>>

  • Airbnb sees pickup in demand for domestic travel 06.16.2020

    While international travel has plunged because of the coronavirus outbreak, demand for self-catering accommodations for domestic vacations has increased, a top official at Airbnb said.>>

  • Hoshino Resorts to launch $185m Japan hotel rescue fund 05.29.2020

    Japanese hospitality group Hoshino Resorts will establish a fund of up to 20 billion yen [$185 million] to bail out domestic hotels that are struggling to fill rooms amid the coronavirus pandemic. The fund, launching as early as summer, will acquire and operate around a dozen properties. >>

  • Coronavirus presents existential threat to Japan's hotels 05.19.2020

    In what would have been a windfall year had the Olympic Games proceeded as planned, Japan's hotel chains are instead facing an existential threat after the coronavirus pandemic wreaked havoc on the travel industry.>>

  • Japan's casino plans remain dicey after Las Vegas Sands pullout 05.15.2020

    Japan's legalization of casinos two years ago was supposed to usher in a golden age of gaming tourism with top names from the industry. But the sudden decision by Las Vegas Sands to take its chips off the table has cast doubt on projects that were already on shaky ground after a bribery scandal.>>

  • Asia logistics attracts billions as post-pandemic winner 05.15.2020

    As China shakes off the economic impact of the coronavirus outbreak, investors have flocked to funds focused on logistics facilities there and elsewhere in Asia, anticipating that growth in e-commerce will drive strong demand even after the pandemic.>>

  • Japan tourism faces 80% drop as coronavirus threatens Abenomics 04.17.2020

    Japan saw arrivals from overseas plunge 93% in March, a record year-on-year decline, as the novel coronavirus has kept travelers at home. Economists predict the number of foreign visitors to Japan will drop 30% to 80% for the full year, a serious setback for the government's hopes for tourism.>>

  • Asian hotels press ahead with expansions despite pandemic crisis 04.14.2020

    As flagship hotels go, the 190-room Four Seasons Tokyo at Otemachi sparkles like any other in the luxury hotel chain's collection. But instead of a cavalcade of guests swarming the five-star property on the scheduled July 1 opening day --- three weeks ahead of the intended start of the 2020 Olympics -- its marble-clad lobby will likely be eerily empty. >>

  • Oyo furloughs staff worldwide after coronavirus hit 04.10.2020

    India's Oyo Hotels and Homes will place thousands of employees on monthslong temporary leave to cut costs, admitting to "severe stress" as revenues have more than halved during the coronavirus pandemic.>>


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