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  • Bridge C Capital renovating hostel closed due to Covid-19 11.30.2020

    Chuo-ku's Bridge C Capital will convert a hostel in Higashi-Ueno, Taito-ku, into an office building. The hostel was operated by Chuo-ku's LS, which operates accommodation facilities for inbound tourists, but the hostel has remained closed since September 2020 due to rapid decline in demand responding to the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) infection.>>

  • Two NTT Urban subsidiary asset managers to merge 11.27.2020

    Chiyoda-ku based NTT Urban Development has decided to integrate two asset management companies under its umbrella. It is an absorption-type merger, with the Chiyoda-ku based NTT Urban Development Asset Management (UDAM) being the surviving company and Chiyoda-ku based Premier REIT Advisors (PRA) the absorbed company. >>

  • SMFL to make up to Y132bn TOB for Kenedix 11.25.2020

    Sumitomo Mitsui Finance and Leasing (SMFL) has decided to make Kenedix, a real estate investment fund which is listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, its subsidiary. SMFL will make a take-over-bid aiming to acquire all shares except for the 20.27% held by Singapore’s ARA Asset Management group, which is the largest shareholder. The price is 750 yen [$7] per share, which could total up to 131.9 billion yen [$1.2 billion]. >>

  • Mitsubishi starts constructing office building in Barcelona 11.18.2020

    Mitsubishi Estate began construction of an office building in Barcelona, Spain. London-based UK subsidiary Mitsubishi Estate London will finance the project and group company Europa Capital, which is also based in London, will manage this investment. This will be the Mitsubishi Estate group’s first office development on the European continent.>>

  • TIAA's real estate arm opens base in Tokyo 11.02.2020

    Nuveen, which is an asset management company affiliated with the Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America (TIAA), opened a real estate investment base in Tokyo. Shusaku Watanabe, who was director of Asia Pacific capital markets at the Singaporean base of the company, was appointed as the head.>>

  • Aqua Resort to acquire Bestland aiming to expand business 10.27.2020

    Hachioji City based real estate company Aqua Resort decided to acquire Shinjuku-ku based Bestland, which is engaged in purchase and resale of used residences and income properties. >>

  • Yukihiro Ogasawara from CBRE appointed chairman of Colliers Japan 10.23.2020

    Yukihiro Ogasawara was appointed Managing Director & Chairman of Japan at Chiyoda-ku based Colliers International Japan. Colliers expanded into Japan in a franchise format in 1988. It started proactively hiring employees with the start of direct management in 2017, and has a little over 60 employees in total at its bases in Tokyo and Osaka.>>

  • Daito Trust Construction to enter investment apartment business 10.21.2020

    Daito Trust Construction (Daito Kentaku) decided to acquire the Shibuya-ku based Invalance, which is an apartment developer. Its aim is to enter the compartmentalized ownership type investment apartment business.>>

  • GPIF seeks investment methods from private sector 10.19.2020

    The Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF) is widely seeking information from private companies regarding domestic real estate investment methods. Its deadline is noon on October 30. Instead of sticking to its traditional investment style of using a trust bank as the proxy, its aim appears to be to open the way to collaboration with various players such as domestic and international funds, developers and general trading companies. >>

  • Tokyu Corp, NTT Urban developing for-sale condominium in Vietnam 10.19.2020

    Tokyu Corporation and Chiyoda-ku's NTT Urban Development will develop for-sale condominium Midori Park The Glory in Binh Duong New City, the capital of Binh Duong Province in Vietnam. >>


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